Verna van Schaik

My corporate role is as an Agile Coach within Standard Bank, however my focus and passion is more towards shifting mental models and how people show up so that they actively support and generate Agility (with detours to Kanban and visualisation – if you can’t see it (behaviour included), you seldom talk about it or change it). My goal is to find ways to find ways to generate tools that allow us as Agile coaches to practically and effectively engage with behaviour that often gets in the way of adopting Agile.
I both facilitate this on our internal Servant Leadership labs as well as coach this as a new way of behaving in stand up’s, other ceremonies and one-on-one coaching sessions that allow individuals to explore their mindsets.
My passion for understanding and shifting mind-sets and behaviour started when I was able to shift my own thinking and so acquire the Guinness World Record for the Deepest Dive by a woman.

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