Oded Tamir

Oded Tamir – an Agile Lead Coach and certified SPC4 (SAFe Program Consultant) at Agilesparks (www.agilesparks.com), Israel Supporting Agile transition in large global enterprises
My first experience in Agile implementation in 2006 became my main professional engagement during the last three years.
For over 20 years, I held various executive roles- CIO, Project Management in the High-Tech industry, including the position of VP Project Management in a large global company- where I focused on project tracking, problem- solving and crisis management.
Although I have successfully implemented “crisis solving” processes that saved the company millions of dollars, I found that traditional project management has limited tools to solve problems and so the way back to Agile was only a matter of time.
2014 was the next breakthrough in my career when I joined Agilesparks.
Since then, I support Agile and DevOps change journey in large global technological projects supporting distributed teams across the globe (Israel, USA, India, Argentina, Ukraine, Moldova and more) as well as in IT departments of financial institutions.
Moving from adopting Agile in teams to fully adopting it across the organization is challenging for organizations.
As an Agile Lead coach and SPC, I am sure that with knowledge, experience and practices we can move large enterprises to be much more Agile in the way they act in the market and manage people.
I believe that Learning and sharing knowledge is an inherent part of my role as Agile coach. Therefore, I used to attend Agile conferences across the globe (Agile Prague, Agile Singapore, Agile Israel) and joint workshops (Value Stream workshops in Toyota Japan) as an attendee as well as a lecturer.

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